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Can I choose any colour / what is a RAL colour?
Pretty much! If you would like something specific, you just need to tell us the RAL number. RAL is an international colour standard. View colours here: https://www.ralcolorchart.com/
Will a RAL colour match something exactly?
Any time you are matching a colour you have to consider the surface it is being applied to. The same colour on a steel surface for example, will not look identical to a porous surface, like a fabric.
Note: when we apply a colour to glass table tops, this is added to the underside. The glass can then soften the colour a little - especially with a satin glass finish. 
Can I have a thicker / thinner table base?
Yes you can. Our bases are all made from steel. We have some standard diameters but can offer other sizes. Please note though that we will recommend particular thicknesses, depending on the size of your table, in order to ensure rigidity.
I have something specific in mind, can you build it?
Quite possibly! Just because you can’t see something on this site, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We will ensure that any table is fit for its purpose though. Share your thoughts on the bespoke table quote form and we can chat it through.
How soon can I expect my table?
We work with you to ensure we meet your requirements during the consultation phase. Once we've finalised the details, production typically takes 5-10 weeks from order, depending on the project.
Do you set my table up or do I have to build it?
In most cases, we deliver your table for you to setup yourself. There really is very little to do - unpack, place the top in position and enjoy! Anything besides that is nothing more complicated than a screwing a couple of legs in, or a top into position.
How do I care for my table?
We provide some simple care instructions with each table, ensuring you get the most from your table and it looks its best.
Can you provide samples?
At this time we're not sending out samples. Hopefully the pictures on this site give you a good idea on what can be done. We can also share further examples of certain tops and finishes, when required. 
Will you ship internationally?
We’re only shipping to the UK right now.